We legend, Chubbz.

We built a show we'd be willing to sit through. It's that simple.

You don't have to take our word for it, though. Here's SPLITSIDER.COM:

"Say hypothetically you can only get to one show a week: make it PUNCH."

* * * * *

Believe PUNCH • Obey PUNCH

Enter the Secret Society of Joy.

We are leader.

We are safety.

We are light.

We are your Tuesdays.


  • Matt Sadler
  • Enzo Priesnitz
  • Robyn Reynolds
  • Denise Oyoung

* * * * *

S24S01: JUN 29

No. 300

  • Andrew Murphy
  • Chris Cubas
  • Mike Macrea
  • Avery Moore
  • Pat Dean

S24S02: JUN 11

  • Chris Tellez
  • Danny Goodwin
  • Carina Magyar
  • Glenn Rose

Some History:

PUNCH began as Austin's very first showcase-style show. That meant the best acts, doing their best material, week after week. That's how we became a "thing". Word spread and we got hip. We landed fun drop-ins from acts like Hannibal Buress, Ron White, Pete Holmes, Kumail Nanjiani and Al Madrigal. We "graduated" 30+ acts on to LA & NY. But all the while, our focus has been on spreading the good word about the great acts we have hiding out right under our own noses. Viva ATX.